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i never knew i could love drawing a certain character so much

kuroo is life////

some art-dump //mostly from my twitter //// i post sketches on there allot 

sorry i haven’t been updating this blog..but i will very soon regularly 

throwtheoctopus: I LOVE your style, but I really fell hard for your colours. What can I say, I can't resist neon~~ uou ((your art is hella nvr stop)) ♡ 

/////THANk YOu/////

i always felt iffy about my coloring style but this ask made me more confident …ahhhhh ya really nice so thank you for your kind words ^___^  <3

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sorry i haven’t updated my artblog 

here have some koujaku with nice kicks and noiz being a hot shit

its summer break so ill post more art soon ^__^ 

sweet robot boyfriend////

sorry i haven’t posted any drawings///i will post more once im done with finals ^__^

some Makishima doodles from my twitter  //// i can draw him forever

ill try to make my artblog undead as soon as im not busy with school and work // /gomen 

some original drawings of mine//// trying to be more productive this break 

a quick drawing before i head for work and also spring break started for me//// finally i can draw stuff woot woot

some twitter drawing i did..sketches like this really relieve stress fast i like it … i might do sketches like these more often 

a little stress break i haven’t drawn dmmd fanart in months…and my first time drawing mink woot woot 

(BTS) 방탄소년단 상남자 (Boy In Luv) Skool Luv Affair

i took a break from my school work to draw this late gift art for lexi-dee..

i was soo happy and surprised that she drew hade for me and it was soo amazing and soo pretty and ahhh i really loved it thank you 

this is her amazing character Cerise who has such a rad hair woow her hair OTL is amazing

i hope i at least i got her right she was soo fun to draw 

my witchsona.. she is old, evil and cranky so don’t mess with her 

you think this would pass me by..i love witches and witch week is my week 

plus my name is muna which means “wish, desire”(i was born to be a witch ok)

let the games begin 

these dmmd OC babies belong to me and meenat 


little doodle of royalcola's character Hade bc he is so adorable and her style is to die for and yea i’m a huge fan and I just felt like drawing him

anyway hopefully i did him justice and ya like it and be sure to check out royalcola's blog cause her art is frickin amazing  

HOLY!!!!!!!! omgggggggggg…nope nope nope ..this is too amazing

that coloring OTL..i did not deserve this ..this is too perfect ..i just woow thank you soo much you have no idea how happy i am..getting something like this from an amazing artist such as you is like woooow

thank you